New animus dungeon changes

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New animus dungeon changes

Post by beazeouts on Thu Jul 16, 2015 4:42 am

I know that this is very self obligatory to say since its been 1 day that the dungeon has been released but, there should be a little bit of minor changes to the dungeon.

The minor monsters do almost 1.2m Damage with normal hits - should be decreased a little bit to 800k or less if possible.

The bosses need a little more damage and a little more hp since they die the same rate as the normal monsters.

The final boss deals alot of damage even with FD sta sofa awakes he still 1 shots with more than 4.5m dmg it should be narrowed to atleast 2m, considering the debuffs it should be very hard.

If the Dev. wishes to keep it this way and not do nerfs i strongely insist that better drops should be added, those better than Dark Soul weapons.

- Zack Very Happy


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