RC farming guide for lvl 150+

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RC farming guide for lvl 150+

Post by beazeouts on Sun Jul 12, 2015 10:12 am

Once reaching lvl 150-L most players will move to Elfennol for leveling, however during the leveling process you can farm RC.

 Slayer: With enough damage already on the critical strikes and the knockback from the hits it should be very easy to farm.

 Templar: Focusing on a tanky build with a little bit of STR combined with the reflect from self buffs it should be not quite difficult.

 Force Master Using Asal to kill monsters might be a good way to kill monsters or using stone hand with a STR based build.

 Seraph: This is probably the hardest class to farm RC because of the low defense and low damage from the aoe, and i dont know any possible way for a seraph to farm RC

 CrackShooter:  Just basic attacks with good damage or with the Aoe skill of crackshooter with hitting and running would be good, although be wary of the speed of monsters in Elfennol.

 Harlequin: Using HOP or strong basic attacks with high critical could do well against monsters in Elfennol.

 Arcanist: Using Echoes of the Weary to stun the monsters and killing them one by one should be easy, however with high enough damage windfield would be very effective by slowing and attracting alot of monsters.

 Mentalist: Using Satanology and hitting with any skill of choice would be the best way to kill monsters solo in Elfennol.

This is my personal method on how to farm RC here in Empericus Flyff if you have any other ideas you would like to add please add it in the comments of this post.
Also don't forget to buy Cloak of Honor from Angel and harpy cs helmet from Red chip vendor.


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