Leveling guide from level 1 - 170L

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Leveling guide from level 1 - 170L

Post by beazeouts on Sat Jul 11, 2015 11:08 pm

PS. this is for new players that are having a hard time leveling
Starting from level 1 Vagrant you're going to start at flaris

Also dont forget that voting will get you 3 Ecoins and with them you can buy amplification from the shop next to Post Box and level up alot faster

Vagrant 1-15: simply kill an aibatt

1'st Job to 2'nd Job: press V and teleport yourself to Saint Morning and go to the Bangs, keep leveling until you hit level 30 and after that teleport yourself to Flaris and go to Is and buy a ticket to Coral Island, in coral island you can level up to lvl 50 without any problems. when you reach lvl 50 you must find your way in darkon 1 by killing drillers to reach level 60.

lvl 60 - lvl 120: When you reach lvl 60 you should buy a ticket to azria but before that you must enter B1 in tower and kill catsy and harpies until you reach lvl 70 so that you can easily kill yettis in azria from then on kill the following monsters by order until you reach their level : Yetti, Mutant Yetti, Augu, Mutant Augu, Ghost Of Forgotten Prince, Ghost Of Forgotten King, Mammoth, Cannibal Mammoth and once reaching level 115 exit azria and go to B5 in the tower and kill asuras until you reach level 120.

lvl 60-M - lvl 121-H: repeat the process shown from lvl60 - lvl120

lvl 121-H - 3'rd Job (lvl 130): from the penya gained from killing monsters in azria you can probably now buy a Traseia ticket, from there you will kill level 126 monsters until you reach lvl 130, the level 126 monsters are on an island separated from other monsters, when you enter Traseia you will see an upward hill, following its path move slowly to the left and keep going straight, the furthest island that you can see after a couple of seconds of flying , thats where you will find the monsters.

lvl 130-L to lvl 150-L: here at level 130 you're going to have to take a short break from leveling and upgrade your gear as much as possible and getting the best awakes you can get because at new Traseia the monsters deal alot of damage, All classes have their own way of killing the monsters here but Seraphs are very very hard to level up with, and by focusing alot on the game with good gear and weapons you should get to level 150 in between an hour to a day depending on your skill level in the game.

lvl 150-L to lvl 170-L: this is the hardest leveling gap to get over because monsters do an approximate 100k damage and its best advised to have soul leeching and a little sta build to withstand criticals from monsters, at lvl 150 you should go to flaris and buy the Elfennol ticket, at Elfennol the monsters drop a decent amount of red chips depending on how much +LB(lucky box) you have. searching around the edges of the map you will find entrances with bridges connecting them to higher level monsters, and through this you will reach lvl 170 the fastest.

This process could take time from a day to 2 weeks depending on your skill level and if you face any problems in game contact me and ill surely help - Zack


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